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How to get multip -selection lookup values ID's and based on the ID's update back on the source list item

I have a ListA and ListB. In ListB i have a lookup column(Multiple selection) which get data from ListA.I want to get the ID's of all the selections in the lookupcolumn in ListB and based on these ID's i want to update back the items in ListA based to these ID's.

I am bit new to nintex any help with step by step is greatly apperciated.

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Re: How to get multip -selection lookup values ID's and based on the ID's update back on the source list item

Dear Dilip kumar‌,

1. it doesn't make any sense to post the same question several times a day.

you might have already noticed it doesn't give you any higher chance to get answer, it's rather counter-productive

2. I would encourage you, once you place a question to the community to provide as much details as you can.

describe your (business) requirements, targets, what you have exactly tried, what worked, what didn't work, what error you got, why you decided or are forced to implement thing the way you try, etc. provide examples, data you work on, screenshots, logs, etc.

the more details you provide the sooner and the more accurate answer/hints you might get.

I noticed you use to drop just one or two sentences that hardly explain what you expect from community.

3. this is community of  nintex users and partners. this is not official support.

it's not guaranteed you will get an answer or you will get it as quick as you might have expected. especially if you do not describe your issue in sufficient details, so no one wants to waste time guessing what you in fact need.

once someone get a little free time to deal with your problem and is willing to help you, he/she will answer

so, little patience is needed.

if you require response from official support there is a link on top of page that can navigate you to a page where you can submit support ticket - Submit a Support Case - Nintex Knowledge Base 

4. I noticed you mentioned somewhere you are newbie with nintex, I would recommend to go through several good articles on the forum which help newbies to get use this forum


sorry for this post, but I felt somehow you might need a little guidance.

keep nintexing!

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