How to generate a word document with a table?

Hi guys...

I have a requirement to read data from SQL database and show it on the Nintex form. This includes item header and line items (repeatable data).

Users are allowed to update the data in the Nintex form.

There is a generate button that users can click on - which will generate a docx file and save it into a SharePoint list.

We can do something similar to this for generating a word document that does NOT have repeatable data (or a table).

Does Nintex Form/Workflow has any capability to generate a word document which has a table in it?

I am trying to avoid server-side code to perform this.

Thank you heaps.

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Re: How to generate a word document with a table?

Note that there are Nintex actions to generate a word document exactly as your reference :

Using the Read Document and Update Document Actions

There are other possibilities that you can consider/try :

  • Reporting services integrated in SharePoint (you can call this web service : your_sharepoint_site/_vti_bin/ReportServer/ReportService2010.asmx from a Nintex Workflow to generate the report and extract it in Word format and store it in a document library)
  • Excel services (but you will generate an Excel document) : you can call this web service : your_sharepoint_site/_vti_bin/excelservice.asmx and use the SetCell or SetRange methods (I haven't tested but it might be possible)
  • other commercial solutions integrated in SharePoint and Nintex like dox42

Hope this helps

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Re: How to generate a word document with a table?

Hi Andy,

I have utilised the generation of word docs in Nintex workflow a few times now and the documentation that Caroline has pointed you to is a good reference.

However, the update Document action is quite restricted in what it can do. At this stage I believe it can only update text content controls placed within a document and for example will not replace picture content controls and cannot insert table structures . As for inserting tables, you may be able to do this by inserting multiple multi-line values into separate pre-existing table row cell content controls to form the appearance of a table, or if you already know the exact table structure you could allocate individual cells to content control values.

Someone way cleverer than myself may have another resolution that does exactly what you want. I haven't used Reporting Services but that sounds like it could be an option too.



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