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How to edit multiple items from one list in a single Nintex Form?


Recently we are having a challenge to make a form which pulls multiple items from one list and makes it possible to edit them at once.

e.g. There is a custom list called Tracking, and it has the following columns and content.

Title               Owner       Compliant (Yes/No)

Project 1       John                

Project 2       John       

Project 3       John

Project 4       Ann          

Project       Ann

The purpose of that form is that when John opens the form, he will see Project 1, Project 2, Project 3, and be able to fill in column Compliant which should be Yes or No. 

The same concept goes for Ann, she will be able to fill in column compliant for Project 4 and 5.

Could anyone of you kindly share your idea on how to build this with Nintex Form? Or by other means is also welcome!

Thanks in advance.


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Re: How to edit multiple items from one list in a single Nintex Form?


Great question and I think what you are after is doable but may take some configuring to make it work. The form itself should allow for the selection of projects available to be updated.

This can be done by using a repeating section and then the list lookup or just having the person put in the title of the project(s) into a text field in the repeating section. Both would achieve the same results. The reason for the repeating section is to account for X number of projects to be updated.

The next thing to consider is that is what needs to be updated. You would have that marked as such and keep this simple. Once you have your form layout correctly, then its time to figure out how to actually make this happen.

Here is where things are fun and tricky. You need a workflow to run on that form. When a user submits it, you will need to first parse the repeating section to get the names for the projects. I would suggest starting with a form that allows for updates to projects only (i.e. Compliance = Yes). The logic in your workflow should then be as follows:

  • Extract data from the repeating section to get the names of the projects (may require RegEx)
  • Store the values into a collection
  • For each value in the collection, query the project list for the matching project item and store the ID (optional if you pull Project ID into the repeating section)
  • Update the correct field on the item (where project ID = project ID)
  • perform anything else you need done in the workflow

That should get you going on a solution and it WILL REQUIRE forms and workflow to achieve. The form captures the content that needs to be updated, and the workflow performs those updates. 


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