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How to edit existing SharePoint list items with workflow approval processes

I'm new to the Nintex platform and need help resolving a current project. We have a current SharePoint list with employee information such as Title, Address, Phone, etc....included. We are trying to use a nintex form on that list to allow users to open their information, edit any information that is incorrect, and submit for review and approval for the changes by to the list. 


I'll be honest, I'm not sure how to do this as SharePoint "Edit Item" functionality bypasses the Nintex Workflow and saves changes automatically. Whereas, if you select the item directly from the list, it will open in "view mode" and not allow changes either, plus it will not go to the workflow. 


Evidently I'm not doing something correct, and I can't find any examples of how this is being done by others at this time.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: How to edit existing SharePoint list items with workflow approval processes

you have to configure/enable workflow to start on item change.

see workflow settings dialog





anyway, the workflow is started just after changed data are saved to list item. since in your case changed data are subject of approval, you might have difficulties to restore previous data if a change is rejected.


so I'd suggest a bit different apprach: do not allow edit users their personal data directly in the list, but create a workflow like 'Request to change personal data'.

customize workflow's start form (see the ribbon on above setting dialog) to your needs (eg.) so that the users could see their actual data and enter requested updates, chose approver etc.

send these data captured by the start form for approval. if they are  approved, then update respective user entry from workflow. if they are rejected, keep the actual record

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