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How to delete particular row from list view

I am currently working on k2 integration with sharepoint.I am using list view to update documents to SharePoint site.I am uploading document whenever user uploads attachment after pressing add button in list view but now I want to delete uploaded document in SharePoint if user  selects one attachment and press delete in list view.I am using data label to keep track of Id of SharePoint.but when user uploads more than one attachment data label value overrides. Because of that even if I delete first uploaded document it deletes last one whose ID stored in data label.

How to store all IDs in data label and delete the particular row in SharePoint.

In my list view I have SharePoint ID ,document to be uploaded,link of the item.I am planning hide both ID and link. Once I upload document I get ID and link of items in other columns and document disappears.I don't know how to get ID from that row.


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