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How to create a sandbox with Nintex Hawkeye and Nintex Workflow Cloud

Linking Nintex Workflow Cloud and Nintex Hawkeye trial tenants gives you a sandbox with pre-built running workflows. Follow the guide below to create this sandbox where you can test or demonstrate workflows and your business analysis options in a safe, controlled environment.

With this sandbox, you won’t need to test your workflow and process analytics prototypes in your production systems. Here, you control your workflow’s behavior, data collection, and process analysis.

Setup process:

You can set up a sandbox in about 30 minutes by following the guide below or watching these videos:

  1. Request Nintex Hawkeye and Nintex Workflow Cloud Trials
  2. Connect Nintex Workflow Cloud to Nintex Hawkeye and then run the Usage Lens
  3. Add Beacons to Template 2: Email Approval and then run the Process Intelligence Lens

For detailed step-by-step instructions on creating and running a sandbox follow the guide below:



Nintex Workflow Cloud


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  • For personal help debugging your workflows, contact Nintex Support