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How to connect Nintex Hawkeye to a data source

This 1 minute video leads you through the process of connecting Nintex Hawkeye to data sources such as Nintex Workflow Cloud to generate real usage and process data and then analyze that data in real time.

Before you can collect data from your workflows, you need to connect the two systems so Nintex Workflow Cloud can generate data while Nintex Hawkeye collects and surfaces that data. Connecting to other Nintex Workflow products is similar, but with slightly different authorization steps.


Note: You must have the administrator credentials for the Nintex Workflow Cloud tenancy in order to complete this process.

  1. From the Nintex Data Sources section select Nintex Workflow Cloud.
  2. Enter the name of your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant and click
  3. Enter your Nintex Workflow cloud administrator credentials and click Sign In.
  4. Republish any existing workflows after connecting to Nintex Hawkeye.  Existing workflows that are not republished will not feed data into the Usage or Process Intelligence Lenses.

Once the connection configuration is complete, a data source card is displayed within the Nintex Hawkeye portal