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How to clear Non connected fields

I am still very new to Nintex forms - I am working on my 3rd form.  I have a reasonable amount of experience with other form tools and I am struggling to un-learn them.


I have a choice field which is not connected to any SharePoint column.  I have it rendered as a button, and I want the user's selection of that field to show/hide other areas of the form. 


When the form is opened for the first time this all works. 

When the form is opened for the second time it "remembers" the state of the option when it was last opened. (I was not expecting this.)

i.e. When opening the form for the first time the choice is blank.  When the button is pressed the choice becomes xxxx.

When opening the form for the second time the choice is still xxxx. 


As the option is not connected to any column I was expecting the value of choice to be "re-set" to blank on opening.  Is there any way I can achieve this within the form, without user intervention ? 


At the moment I have connected the choice to a column in SharePoint and once the form has closed I have a workflow which runs and blanks out the value.




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Re: How to clear Non connected fields

values of all the not connected controls are stored in a hidden list field FormData (in a XML structure).

sometimes it's a good functionality the values is preserved across form sessions, sometimes it's unpleasant....

unfortunatelly one has not a way to control it.


apart the solution you implemented there are two other possibilities

1. write a javascript that runs on form load and that clears or sets controls value.

2. hidden list field FormData is available from workflow, so you can clear or set from there as well (eg. a small workflow that runs automatically on item update and just cleans the respective controls values)


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