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How to build Cascading Dropdowns using the Content Type as the parent?

I've used cascading dropdowns many times before, however, I'm not sure how to accomplish what I'm trying to accomplish at the moment. 

I have 3 document set content types in my library. I have a separate list of project types; each of the content types account for a number of those project types and I want my form to recognize.

Content Types and their Project Types:

1) MA Advice Project

         Cash Flow Analysis

         Cost of Service Study

         IBB General Municipal Advisory

         Revenue Report

         Tax Impact Analysis/Statement

2) MA Bond Issuance Project

         Advance Refunding Program

         Bond Issuance

         Common School Fund

         Community Funding Resources

3) Non-MA Project


         Annual Financial Report


I'm trying to create this relationship Content Type>Project Type but I don't have the option to select Content Type in the control options. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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