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How to add multiple users to task user type field when task is created


I can't add multiple users to the task field (not assignees) when it is created from workflow.

My steps:

  1. Create a task content type using workflow (ToDo Task action)
  2. Create list column (ex. name: 'nextassign') on task list and add him to task content type 
  3. In workflow, create a variable "user or group" type (ex name: 'nextassignvar') and set the default value for multiple users
  4. Using the ToDo Task action create a task with 'nextassign' equal to workflow variable 'nextassignvar'

Result: Task is created, but 'nextassign' field is empty.

However, if you try to update an task with this value, the value is set in the field.

When creating an item in a regular list, there is no problem.

Any ideas why this is happening?

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