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How to Get List Url of current list

This is a simple regular expression so as to get List URL of the current item

I used:

  •      A variable named myStringListURL

  • The action named "Regular Expression"

The magic is on the pattern of the regular expression that deletes all characters after "/DispForm.aspx"

The {Common:ItemUrl} , used on the Input text parameter, gets a string like the following:


So with the pattern "\/DispForm.aspx.*$" and the Operation "Replace text" in blank, we will get the result "http://server/Site/Lists/yourList stored on the variable "myStringURL".

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Re: How to Get List Url of current list

THANK YOU!! I don't know why this isn't a common reference already. I have been trying to figure this out for so long, but you saved me a lot more time! Nintex Support​ List URL needs to be added as a common reference!!!

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Re: How to Get List Url of current list


Another way to get the list url:


For your reference:


Hope it helps too