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How do I udpate a mutliline text field on button click?

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I am looking to update a multiline text field with additional text at the beginning of the field based on a button click in Nintex Forms.

For example, I have a text box that a user fills out. When they click button A, I want that text box to first say "Button A" and then the text the user entered.

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Re: How do I udpate a mutliline text field on button click?

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Hi Kaylee,

with a little javascript you can achieve this. Go to your form setting and put a javascript function in the custom javascript section.

Afterwards you open the control settings of your button and change the button action to "Javascript". Also in the control settings find the advanced tab and enter your function in the "Client Click" field (like: myFunction()). Additionally make sure you have set a "Client ID JavaScript variable name " for your textbox.

myFunction() {

  var myTextField = NWF$('#' + [yourTextfieldVariableName]);

  var myTextFieldValue = myTextField.val();

  var newValue = "Button A" + myTextFieldValue;



Can't test this right now, but at least the basic idea should be obvious If you need more information about how to implement javascript in nintex forms in general, please use the search function, there are some very useful threads/videos to start with.

Let us know if this works for you.



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