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How do I get a Nintex form for one Content Type to dynamically change to another?

Hi There,

I have one SharePoint (2013) list, which includes multiple Content Types (though we've been only using one to date for our purposes so far). Our employees have grown accustomed to an online news submission form we built using Nintex Forms this year to allow them to submit requests to the Corporate Communications team for different types of content (e.g., General News, Org Announcements, Employee Spotlights, etc.) they need published on our intranet. We've added some Nintex workflows as well and the process is going well so far.

Prior to this, employees would send us emails, phone calls, desk drop-by's - all very inefficient and we had no way to really manage this growing workload. While our team has been very successful with this process / behavioral change his year, but there's something I'm trying to do to simplify the process even further going into 2019.

Though we've only been using the "General News" content type we built to support all types of these requests, it would be much more effective - in my mind - if the form we're using now dynamically refreshed based on the options (Content Types) that we've made available to you to choose from and tee one you actually choose.

I cannot seem to figure this one out, so any and all help / guidance / ideas are welcomed! Thank you in advance for your support!


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Re: How do I get a Nintex form for one Content Type to dynamically change to another?

Hi Jaime,

Unfortunately, you will not be able to change the content type of the form when in 'New' mode, which makes changing the content type rather difficult. 

As you are currently only using one content type, you can add the additional columns to the list for the appropriate data requested by content type selected. From there, use show/hide rules to change the appearance of the form so that only the input fields required for that type of submission is shown to the end user. 

Thank you,


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