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How can i prevent a Fill-in field on a disabled Choice control from being editable?

I'm encountering an issue across all of my forms and just wanted to see if anyone can confirm the bug or has found a workaround.


I have a few Choice controls on my form (check boxes), and most of them have a fill-in "Other" option.  I've noticed that when the form is submitted and the "Other" option is not ticked, the text box of the "Other" option can be edited on subsequent versions of the form in the workflow.  This automatically ticks the box associated with the "Other" option, even when the entire Choice control is disabled (the contents should be read-only for approval purposes). I've tested this on a completely different workflow altogether and the same issue is occurring, even with a generic Choice control on the default settings.


I've attached 2 screenshots.  The "before" screenshot is what the Choice control looks like on the approval versions of the form.  The control appears to be disabled, which is my desired result.  However, I amable to click the text box and fill-in the option, even though the control is disabled.  The option is now ticked and the fill-in text can be edited.  Since the control is disabled, the fill-in information is never really submitted and does not show up in future versions of the form or affect the information in the associated columns.

Regardless, I'd like these fill-in choice boxes to be disabled with the rest of the control, as I feel like that's how I would expect them to function and that would help to prevent any confusion among our end users.


Has anyone found a way to accomplish this?  Thanks!

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Re: How can i prevent a Fill-in field on a disabled Choice control from being editable?

Here (Nintex Forms 2013 textbox is also disabled when control itself is disabled per control settings.

When using a rule to disable the control textbox is enabled. I can enter text but not delete any part of input text. It looks like an error.

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