How can I de-activate Nintex for specific fields on form?


Is it possible to use Nintex for all fields on a form except 2x fields, which would be default SharePoint fields?

The reason is we have a custom Javascript solution (DFFS vLookup) that is tied directly to default SharePoint form fields and to get this working on Nintex Form Fields is too difficult within time constraints.

So the quickest option I can see is to have these separate fields under a Nintex Form that would run without Nintex, if this is possible.

Any suggestions or examples would be much appreciated.


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Re: How can I de-activate Nintex for specific fields on form?

Hi Brett,

I am not sure if that can be done, the only way I can see is you can customise Nintex forms for a particular content type and may be just display those two fields there, but if you want to "use" those 2 fields then you could do so via a different content type. Even when I am suggesting this approach I can see it will give you lot more problems later on as it wont be a clean solution. 

The way you need it i.e. 2 fields separately on the nintex forms and to behave like SharePoint customized controls is not doable in my opinion. Other guys in this forum might help you if there are better suggestions.



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