Hide panel through a choice control.


I have a status field on my form (choice control) and I want a rule that says if I choose "Pending ITG Review" or "Requestor is filling out form" or "sending back to Steward to complete form" this makes the form visible if not disable the form if status is set to any of other choice.  I have tried so many different ways to write the rule and with no luck.  I can get the form to disable if the rule is only is set to one option but when I add the other options it don't work.  I am using the the Named Controls to pull down my status field and not the Item Properties.  I want this to take place only when the form is in edit mode.  The reason I want to disable my panels is I don't want just anyone going into my form to edit during certain stages of the process. So the only time the form should be in edit mode is when its set at Pending ITG Review and the other 2 choices I mentioned above.  


Here is one exampled I tried just with 2 of my options and it didn't work.  

not(contains(Statusofrequest,"Pending ITG Review")),not(contains(Statusofrequest, "Requestor filling out"))


This one works but only with one choice if I add the others to it using the or statement ||  nothing happens. 

Statusofrequest!='Pending ITG Review', 'Requestor filling out', 'Sending back to Steward to update'


I added a calculated value field to my form to see how the Statusofrequest was pulling down the value and its pulling the the choices as I have them. 


Help please

Thank you.

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Re: Hide panel through a choice control.

@wendyhartman try using nested If statement. Add another calculated control (calc_ctrl_Check_Validation) and add below formula:


If("Pending ITG Review", True, If("Requestor is filling out form", True, If( "Sending back to Steward to complete form", True, False)))


Then use equal(calc_ctrl_Check_Validation, "False") ---> Disable the control

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