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Help with IF Statement for Checkbox / Calculate Value

Hey everyone. I am new to Nintex / Sharepoint design and am trying to create an IF statement for some checkboxes mapping to a calculated field but am not sure of the best approach. Here the checkboxes are shown and the condition I need is that if 'Member' is chosen (set to YES) then display the name 'John', if 'Provider' is set to YES then display 'Jane'.



Bit of a syntax novice.. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

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Re: Help with IF Statement for Checkbox / Calculate Value


The issue here is what happens if both checkboxes are checked, what behavior do you want to see then?

I have attached a form with an example of what you want to acheive.

The issue is that if multiple checkboxs are checked the calculated value will display the first True statement it finds in the function.


In this case if both Member and Provider are checked then the calculated value will show John.

If only one is checked the respective output will show.


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