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Getting First and Last name in a workflow...

I am trying to set the text in the body of an email to show a specific item is assigned to a person.  The assignee's information is being captured on the form in a field called "Assigned To" pulling from a sharpoint group that includes the user.  For what ever reason I can only get this i:0#.w|cog\dbach.  I need to be able to pull in First Last name.

Have tried to use a "Query User Profile" in the workflow, but nothing works.

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Re: Getting First and Last name in a workflow...

Hi Sean,

Regarding  "i:0#.w|cog\dbach" I explained it below:

You can retrieve user name in various ways to a variable e.g.:

1) If your "Assigned To" is a variable (people & group type) :

2) If your "Assigned To" is a list field (people & group type):

3) You can also use query user profile action:

In this case make sure that you have enough permissions to query user profile.

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