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Get list of changed columns in version history?

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I have an "on update" list workflow which is bound to a document library with versioning enabled. I would like toexecute some steps only if certain columns were modified. When viewing a document's Version History, one can see the columns modified SNAG-0767.png

In this case, the ActionStatus column has been updated with the value Active.

Is there a way to access this information in Nintex Workflow, so I could build a conditional, or in a best situation say, "were any of the following 20 columns modified?"

This is SharePoint 2010, Nintex Workflow 2010.

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Re: Get list of changed columns in version history?

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Hi Alan,

sure thats possible.

There are several ways to do that.

1. Use the conditional start option for a workflow. When you are in your workflow designer and go to "Workflow Settings" you can define if it starts when items get modified or when items get created. So in your case you would use when items are modified but do not just set it to "yes" in the drop-down, better would be to set it to "conditional" and then open the dialog to define which values should be able to start the workflow when they get modified. In the dialog you can choose from many options arround modification to fit your needs.

2. If the first option is not working fast enough it could also be done by letting the workflow start always when items get modified but to have condition right in the beginning of the workflow which checks some stuff like "has value xyz changed?" and when it comes to "no" stop the workflow by using the "End worklfow" action.

I hope that helps, if not let me know...

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