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Forms webpart with Rich Text field issue


  • SharePoint 2013 On Prem
  • Nintex Forms 2013
  • Nintex Workflow 2013


We have a custom list with:

  • Your Name (people picker)
  • Category (multiple choice)
  • Description (Multi-line text box, Enhanced Rich Text)

We customized the form with Nintex Forms and put the Nintex Forms Form Webpart on the homepage.  When we tried to submit the form from the home page, it wouldn't and would display an error message for the Description field as if there was a spelling issue.  Also, show red underlines as if it was doing a spell check.

We did not have any special validation on any fields, except for Required.


We could submit the form if we clicked the Add item on the list.


Change the Multi-line text box from Enhanced Rich Text to Plain text.  Seems the Nintex Forms Form Webpart has an issue with the Rich text.

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