Forms Lookup List - showing info from other columns

New to Nintex (2013) and hopefully an easy one to answer - I have a cascading lookup list which works fine. It displays a list of Surnames, filtered by Dept. Problem is there are several people with the same surname. How can I show some extra details (first name, job role etc) either in the drop down list or shown elsewhere on the form when the surname is selected?

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Re: Forms Lookup List - showing info from other columns

Two ways you can do this:


1) In your source lookup list, create a calculated column which concatenates all the details into one column. Then direct your lookup to that calculated column. 


2) Have a calculated control on your form and use the 'lookup' function within it. This works similar to a vlookup in excel. You can use your lookup control as the filter value to pull back the other values from your source lookup list.

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