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Form Versioning Best Practices?


There's a custom SharePoint list with management of content types enabled, and a Nintex form created for one of the content types. Over time, the list gets populated with many items and everything is going well. Until one day, there's a need to change the requirements of the Nintex form. For example, let's say that the requirement is to change a form field from being a Single Line Textbox to a List Lookup, noting that that associated SharePoint column is a Single line of text, and does not need to change.


One might be tempted to edit the Nintex form, delete the Single Line Texbox, add the List Lookup and connect it to the appropriate SharePoint list column ("Text connected to"), and job done, right? Not quite! The issue here is that all the previous created items (with the Single Line Textbox field) will no longer appear correctly in the updated Nintex form, and this is not ideal.


What recommendations or best practices would you recommend to deal with this issue? The one thing that comes to my mind would be to:

  1. create a new content type
  2. add this content type to the list
  3. create a new form (copied from the old) and implement the required changes
  4. disable the old content type from the "new" button

This would preserve all the previous list items with the old content type and form, while enabling the new content type and form to be added/edited in the list. But(!), the new content type isn't actually different to the old content type, so this seems like unnecessary duplication?

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to manage versions of a form, particularly when the underlying content type has not changed?

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