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Form Development

I have a team of Sharepoint developers and I am unsure of their experience with Nintex forms.  They are converting an exitising 2 page form and adding automated workflow which includes 2 or 3 authorisations and the form also has links to our AD so names can auto complete when filling in.  They are saying that this activity is likely to take between 10 and 15 days to just design and implement which seems as siginifcant amount of time/cost for what I thought was a very simple form.  Is this timeframe common or could it have something to do with experience? 

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Nintex Workflow Cloud Expert
Nintex Workflow Cloud Expert

Re: Form Development

Hello Brendan McClean​ -

I think that this does have to do with their level of experience and comfort level with form. I can honestly say that a "simple form" is never simple! It also depends on how much customization is going into the form. If there is minimal (or none), then it should be fairly straightforward to get it up and running. However, if there is a lot of JavaScripting, or custom controls going into it, they may need tested and vetted out.

You would also need to look at if they are a dedicated resource or not. If they can only give you a few hours a day, then it may be reasonable. I tend to work in the realm of "when do you want it" simply because it allows me to focus on what needs done first and what can be left out on the first pass.

Ultimately, there is not right or wrong answer, but 10 to 15 days (at least to me) seems a bit high for a form and workflow, if it is simple.

Hope this helps!