For Each Loop Evaluate Day of the Week Issue

My process consists of once a new item has been created in a list, the list should call back to previous items and update a date field based on business and holidays. The only field I need to change is the date. The remaining can be copied.

The reason for this automation is we have a SP calendar that contains all the same data except the date for each quarter. My goal is create a workflow that populates all data once an item is created. The changing factor is the date based on business days and holidays. I need to skip over Sat and Sun.

I have managed to create this successfully using the Loop action. The problem I have is the time it takes to create each items, 5 mins, up to 30 total. My next approach was a For Each, the issue I have is leveraging a field that changes and can manipulate a variable to change the date. Basically stuck on evaluating the day of the week. Does anyone recommend a different approach or do you think the issue is with a unique identifier to instruct the work flow to evaluate the date?

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Re: For Each Loop Evaluate Day of the Week Issue

Basically stuck on evaluating the day of the week

do you mean you are not able to determine what's the weekday out of the date?

yoiu can use formatDate() inline function with 'ddd' format string.

it's not a numeric value but it shouldn't a problem to convert it, or change comparison to compare day abbrev.

see some usage examples 

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