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Focus on Validation Errors

In many of the Nintex Forms we develop the user is adding content that is longer than one page. When the user hits Submit and there are validation errors they are displayed at the top of the form but the user does not know there are validation errors because they are not in the users view. The only thing the Nintex Form does is change the focus to have the Submit button out of the screen. In almost all cases this still does not show the validation errors are the top of the form.

How do you set focus to the validation if there are any so the user can see them when they submit the form?

Mike Trouard

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Re: Focus on Validation Errors

This comes up a lot, hopefully it will be an added feature soon. What i've seen others do is use a javascript function on the submit button to set focus on the first control in the form on client click. If there is no errors, then the form will just close. Using the $NWF functions and set focus on a control by css tag was the general idea.

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