Nintex Newbie

FlexiTask Default Notification Template

We're building a new form portal for a client that has about 20 forms with workflows that all have FlexiTaks and some Request Data actions. The business has experienced the issue described hereWhen a user completes the Request Data action assigned to them, by default the Workflow Task List op...  and we want to resolve this in all the workflows. I know I can go into all the actions and update the link to the task and include a &Source={Common:WebUrl}, which will resolve it for all existing workflows but I'd really like to change the default link for all future workflows as well.

So I head over to message templates in the Site Settings and that's when I realize the Approval Required Notification is only for the Request Approval action and not for FlexiTasks or Request Data. Does anyone know where I can set the default notification for approval on these action types?