Flexi task behaviour - All must agree

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Hi Everyone,


I have a workflow with a flexi task in it to approve items. The behaviour is set as per the screen print below for "All mus agree". The problem is that when one of the approvers rejects the approval, the other approval requests seem to be still active, and the other approver does not recieve a message to say their approval is not required.


I have included the portion of the workflow which relates to the flexi task and the flow on steps for approval/rejection.


Am I missing something?










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Re: Flexi task behaviour - All must agree

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as far as I know, "all must agree" means that all must choose the same outcome, otherwise the workflow tasks resolves without an achieved outcome. (See the "store outcome achieved in" field in the form editor)

What I did to achieve what you want:

Outcomes: Approve; Reject

Behaviour: All must agree on a specific outcome : Approve

And in advanced options: tick Include other branch


If someone now chooses "Reject", the workflow will continue in the "Other" Branch as no Outcome has been achieved. Handle the rejection in the Other branch and leave the "Reject" Branch empty.


Maybe there is another way but this works for me