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Flexi Task generates two versions of the task

Long time lurker who has benefited many times from the community but I have somethign now that I can't get to the bottom of.


I have a list with a very simple workflow with a three way approval (Approved, Approved with Conditions, Rejected).


This works really well and there was a requirement to replicate the functionality on another list.


I exported the initial list workflow, saved the original list as a template, created new list, new workflow, imported the export and made some changes (specifically to the task notification mail).


Workflow runs on creation only.

Workflow starts once (verified with history log)

Single approver listed as a variable.

The flexi task generates two independent tasks and send two notifications, one is the format I amended, one is the original format.

I then set the workflow tasks to go into a new list and when the wf runs, one task is generated in the original workflow task list, one in the new task list.

Actions taken in either of the tasks results in the list item being updated appropriately.


So there seems to be a "shadow" of the original somewhere (guessing related to the export as a template of the old list???)


I've exported the new V2 workflow and it contains no reference to the original mail (there is a specific URL in the original).


I've deleted the v2 workflow, checked the nwf as above, reimported and the behaviour is still there.

If I delete the workflow, the list shows no attached workflows.

I've disabled the workflow in the original in case there was some connection I missed but all to no avail, this list/wf continues to run once, generate two tasks in two task lists and sends two notifications, one of which isn't referenced in workflow.


I don't have any elevated rights, so can't look for things at site collection and we have no designer capabilities.


Any clues?



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