Flexi-Task becomes Pending but not completing

I am currently running SharePoint 2016 on Prem with a single seperate Front end and SQL server setup.  We have the July 2018 Nintex patch installed and all SharePoint patches up to December installed.  



On April 18, 2019, all of the tasks for a list suddenly stopped completing.  They would mark as pending but they would not mark either approved or rejected (see attached picture).  The Flexi-Task is setup up so that all must agree on a single person task and the Save button is a "Save and Continue" setting.  No changes were made on April 17th and the server has had a reboot. I have been trying to ensure that all the correct settings are there.


I know that others have seen this issue before but this seems to continue cropping up.  I have tried restarting the workflow assigned to the Flexi-task to no success.  


Thoughts anyone?


Thank you!

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