Flag out if a person has been nominated more than once


I've created a recognition form which have the following fields;


Nominated By

Award Category



Nominee can only be nominated not more than 5 times. If someone proposed their name for the 6th time there will be a prompt saying nominee have reached the limit for this year. 


The question is how to flag out if a nominee that has received 5 award within a year? Anyone have any idea? Please help.



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Re: Flag out if a person has been nominated more than once

@bella28 ....I don't think it will be possible, but I can think of following 2 scenarios:


  1. Scenario 1:
    • Create a view and show the Nominee count
    • Add a lookup control in your Nintex form and configure it to show the above created view and filter it by the Nominee value being pass in current form
    • Also put a label stating "Please do not submit form if Nominee count is 5 or more."
  2. Scenario 2:
    • Let the users submit the form
    • Trigger the workflow and do query list and get the Nominee collection
    • Using collection operation get the collection count
    • If count is more than 5 then send notification to Created By person and then delete the item

You can use Scenario 2 with Scenario 1 too in case there is slightest possibility that users will disregard the message.

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