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Find out which workflows have Enterprise Actions

If you need to audit which of your workflows have run and contained enterprise workflow actions, then you can run this script against your Nintex Content DB:


Select distinct WorkflowName, CurrentActivityTitle, ListID, SiteID, WebID 
from WorkflowInstance wi

inner join WorkflowProgress wp on wi .InstanceID = wp . InstanceID

inner join <Nintex Workflow ConfigDB>.dbo.Activities Ac on CurrentActivityTitle = ActivityName where RequiredFeatureSet = 100

Replace the <Nintex Workflow ConfigDB> with the name of your Nintex Config DB.


This script will need to be run against all of your Nintex Contents, and will only return those workflows that have been run at least 1.

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Find out which workflows have Enterprise Actions

If you want to look for specific actions you can use:

Select Distinct I.WorkflowName, P.CurrentActivityTitle, I.ListID, I.SiteID, I.WebID 
From dbo.WorkflowProgress P 
inner Join dbo.WorkflowInstance I 
ON P.InstanceID = I.InstanceID 
Where P.CurrentActivityTitle Like 'Call Web Service' Or P.CurrentActivityTitle Like 'Copy to SharePoint' 

Replace the action names as required.

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