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Filter Query Action on choice column

Hi, we have two lists where there is a  Model Run ref column and the Data Input field as a choice column (not multiple choice) in the source list we are looking up to.
In the source list Data Input equals INSURANCE DATA A
After logging a variable CurrentDataSet that is used in the query action to the history list it also shows INSURANCE DATA A

The ActuarialAppropriatenessComplete field we are retrieving the value from is also a choice field. With values Yes and No (drop down)

The variable 'ActCompleted' we are casting the value to is of single line of text.

When we log Act Completed to the history list after the query action is run the value is empty, even though there is an entry in the list with matching Model Run Reference and Data Input. We also logged the Model run ref variable and it shows the correct Model ref.
When we edit the workflow and run the query action manually (from the action) and enter  the Model ref and Current Data Set as hard codded values it returned either yes or no, depending on the value for that item in the list.

This tells us that they query is having trouble comparing the variables even though their values are logged correctly in the workflow history list.

Query action (config) and under the hood CAML images attached

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Re: Filter Query Action on choice column

make sure your list field values and variable values do not contain leading or trailing spaces.

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