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Fill columns with information from E-Mail

Hey Nintex Community,

I have a Document Library with the ability to receive EMails.

some information in that mail needs to be filled automatically in the columns. The mail format is always the same, so the information is always on the same spot in the mail.


Any Ideas how I can read the information automatically?


Hope I could describe my problem clear enough. 🙂




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Re: Fill columns with information from E-Mail

You can use a few programs that ingest email information and push that into a database or SharePoint. For a workflow to do that, you would have to find a way to push the data into an XML format for the workflow to then read through.


If the email comes into the list, you may be able to get a workflow to start on new item created, and depending on the fields that are there you would have to read that column via the Workflow, and use regex or something to strip out what you needed. Its doable, but not as clean because you're starting with potentially unstructured text and the workflow would need something structured to have a bases to work from. 

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