Experiences with "Nintex Sign powered by Adobe Sign"?



we would like to implement a workflow that collects signatures from different persons on monthly basis. The workflow basically should request a signature on a PDF file from person A, then the same from person B and then send the file with two signatures to person C.

I've noticed that there is a Nintex action called "Nintex Sign powered by Adobe Sign" which may fit my use-case. However, I do not have any experiences on this action and therefore would like to ask for experiences.

1) Is it possible and a good practise to solve my Use-Case with this feature? The workflow approximately will be triggered for ~5000 signature processes per month.

2) Are there any costs using this "Nintex sign" feature, as Adobe Sign may not be for free?

3) Do all the stakeholders, affected by the workflow (for signing) do need an Adobe Sign account?

Thanks, Steffen

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