Error message showing for split second

I have a form where the user enters a Student ID into a textbox. Upon tabbing or clicking elsewhere, the SQL Request fields below will populate if the Student ID exists. If the Student ID doesn't exist, I want an error message to appear. I've placed the error message on a Rich Text Control that sits on a Panel and added a rule to both. It appears to work fine but I notice my error shows for a split second every time I enter a valid Student ID. Does anyone have any better way of doing this so the error message doesn't show at all when a valid Student ID exists in the database?
This is the form...



Here is the rule...the condition reads "not(isNullOrEmpty(StudentName))||isNullOrEmpty(StudentID)" 



Here is the error message appearing just before the Student Name, etc. gets populated (this Student ID is valid)... 


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