End State and/or End Workflow

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If you are using a state machine, does a branch that leads to an "end Workflow" also need to have an end state? Or is "End Workflow" end the state as well as the workflow? As an example, below, we have and "end state" before the end workflow.  Is the end state needed, is it not needed but good practice?

nintex WF.png

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Re: End State and/or End Workflow

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Hi Charles Lavin,

As a good practice, you should always have End State in the state machine. You do not need End workflow if there are no actions after the state machine. The workflow will automatically end.

Any actions after the change state, do not get executed correctly as it has already registered the change of state. If you have safe loop enabled, then workflow will wait for 5 mins (default) on change state action before moving on. Change state should always be last action in the branch. Hope that helps.

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