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Edit hyperlink in email notification text

I have several notification emails, both as part of a "send notification" block and as part of a Flexi task.


In the text of the email I have a hyperlink, created by Insert->Link.  Is there a way to edit the text and/or URL of the hyperlink through the GUI?  The only way I have found is to do an edit source


I'm using Nintex 2013 with SharePoint 2013. I don't know what service pack we have installed, as I'm not the farm administrator.

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Re: Edit hyperlink in email notification text

Seems like this has only gotten worse. I feel like we used to be able to just put the hyperlink field on the email and it would just work, but now you get gobbledegook {https:\/\/\/address\/page.html, 'display text'} kind of thing.
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