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Dynamic questions in repeater depending on selected category



Im wondering if someone is able to assist me. Im trying to create a scoreboard type audit,

that has a set of questions that will appear dependent on the category selected.


Select the scoreboard

  Select the type scoreboard

    Select the category questions


If I select a Clinical type, I'd like to have available different categories such as : 'Insurance','Visitor','Patient',etc.


Then under each of these categories, they will hold different set of questions, ex;


Grab 3 Visitor badges and match to the sign in sheet that they were assigned.


Grab 5 patient charts and verify payer information was done

Grab 2 patient charts and verify information matches, etc.


I would preferably make the categories collapsible or something.


Would it be best to hold these questions in a repeater? Use a three tier cascading dropdown method?

Im not sure how to go about this regarding

the Parent > Child > Grandchild type relationship of this. If someone can lead me in the right direction I will be grateful!



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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Dynamic questions in repeater depending on selected category


I would probably do a 3 tier cascade with the appropriate questions appearing based on the last dropdown.

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