Drop Zone Context Menu Doesn't Close

One of my users has a problem with the context menu that appears when you click on one of the drop zone icons. The menu appears (displaying Paste and the Insert Action menu), but it doesn't close after the selection is made.

Context menu

I do not have the same problem. I am using IE 11.0 on Windows 7 in English. My user also has IE 11.0 on Windows 7, but in French.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Is there a solution?

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Re: Drop Zone Context Menu Doesn't Close

Hi Marc,

didn't see this problem on my own. Is your Nintex Installation up to date? Which version do you have installed?

Usually problems in workflow designer are caused by missing internet explorer trust settings for the site or customizations of the system master page.

Is anything of this a possible cause in your environment?

Best regards


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