Display the document side by side with the Nintex form?

Using SharePoint 2016 on premise. 


Our users process hundreds of documents each day by reviewing them and updating the metadata associated with each document. We would like to make this process easy and efficient  as much as possible. 

We are looking for an option when the user clicks to open the document in a document library, to have the page display the associated Nintex form on the same window - side by side with the document. I know online SharePoint forms can do that, where the SP OOTB form pops on a panel on the right to update. Is the same concept possible with a Nintex form on-premise? 


Or can the document be added somehow to the form in a panel open for read only? Like MS Publisher or an iFrame looking panel? 



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Re: Display the document side by side with the Nintex form?

If you put a form onto a document library and then click on the document link, will it take you to the form...? I don't that I've actually ever tried that (don't really use doc libraries directly)!

If so, then I believe you could simply use the Page Viewer Control to directly point to a pdf document, and it *should* just be open in the frame. Not sure if that would fit exactly what it is you're trying to accomplish, but it would be the path of least resistance I'd imagine.


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