Display Repeating Section in List View using Nintex Form 2016


I'm new to the Nintex world. I've just approached to Nintex Form and Workflow 2016. In this forum i have seen lots of information regarding my problem and i tried to set up my solution but i've come to a dead point and i need some help.

My solution is the following:

  1. First of all i created the form. I named the Repeating Section as "Repeat Section ins". I created a new column "RepeatedSectionMLT" as multi-line text and configure it as plain text. Then i connected the Repeating Section to the new column just created.Nintex Form 1.pngProblem: i want to show in the list view on Sharepoint only the list of product inserted into the Repeating Section.
  2. After that i tried to put some information into the form to see what happens, but the result was the following: Nintex Form 2.pngNintex From 3.png

  3. So i passed to Nintex Workflow 2016 and entered the command "Query XML". Then i copied and pasted the XML code in the XML section and used the XPath generator to extract the information that i want to show in the list view (Product only). Then i created the variable varRpSec as multi-line text to archive Output 1.Workflow.pngXML.png

  4. After that i clicked "Run now" and the result in Output 1 was exactly what i want to show in the list view.
    Execute XML.png

  5. Now....I don't know how to link the Workflow variable "varRpSec" with the Form column "RepeatedSectionMLT" so that i can show in the list view the Output 1. 



Please help me! Thanks for the support. 


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Re: Display Repeating Section in List View using Nintex Form 2016

What you'll need to do is take that RepeatingSectionMLT xml and parse it using XSLT, converting it into some HTML. You should then be able to just push that into a Multiline Text (with Rich Text / HTML enabled) column, and have it render as a table. 

See this thread for some of the ins and outs of parsing XML with XSLT


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