Display Managed Metadata in a form twice

My Google-Fu has left me so I hope someone here might be able to help:

I am currently in the process of creating a multi step form (SharePoint / Nintex Forms 2013). In this form users are making different choices - among those is one where they can select applications (Office, Visio, Notepad++,...) from within a Managed Metadata column.

At the end of this form I want to show the user an overview of their selections. I can use a Calculated Column for all sorts of columns I use (Text, Choice,...) but not for the Managed Metadata field - It just isn't being listed. I could use a different control (e.g. Choice) - however the amount of software available would be too big for it to be usable (200+).

My question: How can I display the selections I made in a managed metadata column/field in the very same form again?

Thanks 🙂

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