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Haven't found this question on the board, but is it possible at all for Nintex to copy the content of a file from a network drive and paste it on a Sharepoint-automatically generated and sent email?

Use case would be a file would be saved on a network folder and through Sharepoint workflow, that file will be picked up by a Sharepoint Workflow and its content will be captured as an image (say it's a list of top 10 Sales personnel on an Excel file)  and pasted on the email body. This way, the recipient of the email will not have to open the Excel file to see the list. 


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Re: Display File Content on Email Body Workflow

Hi @Ronichi 


Oddly, there is an action to copy from Sharepoint to a fileshare, but not from a fileshare to Sharepoint.


If you're willing to explore it, you could use the powershell script mentioned in this script:


Once the file has been uploaded into Sharepoint, you can then initiate a workflow to examine the contents of the file and then send out the email.


I hope that helps,




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