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Discussion on Workflow

Hi All,

I have requirement to create approval workflow that contain discussion in it.

The main point is requestor submit the request and approval can approve or discuss with the requestor.

And it need to send email notification everytime one of them reply.

What could be the step to achieve this?

Thank You for your attention.

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Re: Discussion on Workflow


hmmm, I don't think moderating discussions should be a task for a technical workflow. I always advice people that they should see workflows as a moderator to see what is required from whom in the current stage. Everything beyond that should be done outside a workflow.

Besides this it's hard to give a perfect advice. I could think of a state machine where you switch between two states (requester and approver) until one of them marks the discussion as completed. All task comments could be saved in a multi line text field that has append text option enabled. Would that go in the right direction?

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