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Did you know: Using Microsoft Excel to Analyze Nintex Hawkeye Data

Nintex Hawkeye uses OData version 4.0 to allow consumption and analysis of data in popular business intelligence tools.

While a tool such as Power BI is powerful and full featured, sometimes you want to work in something simpler or more familiar, like Microsoft Excel, to get the answers needed.

Here's how to quickly bring Nintex Hawkeye's OData feeds into Microsoft Excel 2016. (The steps are similar for other versions of Microsoft Excel).

Step 1

In Nintex Hawkeye, open the Lens you wish to analyze, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "OData Connection" tile.

Step 2

In the "Available OData connections" table, copy the "Domain details" URL. This accesses the OData feed for all information available to the lens.

Step 3

Open Excel and navigate to the Data tab. From the ribbon, select New Query.

Then select "From Other Sources", and "From OData feed".

Step 4

In the "OData feed" dialog, ensure "Basic" is selected, and paste the OData feed URL from step 2, then click "OK".

Note: the OData URL may have "$metadata" appended. This must be removed for Excel to load the OData feed. 

Step 5

You'll be prompted to enter your Nintex Hawkeye credentials. Select "Basic" authentication, enter your Nintex Hawkeye username and password and click "Save".

Step 6

In the Navigator dialog, check "Select multiple items" and then select all the tables.

Hint: to select all, click the first item, hold the Shift key and click the last item.

Once all items are selected, click the dropdown arrow next to the "Load" button and select "Load To".

Note: Load To allows you to automatically load all the data into Excel tabs.

If you have a large volume of data, choosing "Load" instead will allow you to load each table manually after the connection has been established.

Step 7

In the "Load To" dialog, select "Table" and click "Load".

Please be patient while your data loads.

You're now ready to analyze data from Nintex Hawkeye in Microsoft Excel!

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Re: Did you know: Using Microsoft Excel to Analyze Nintex Hawkeye Data

Thank you for this tip

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