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Delegation Link is not available on responsive task forms.

Dear all,
I read about delegation and how to do it, as well as troubleshooting invisibility of the "delegate task" link in Nintex workflow task forms. nothing came out.

I am started to believe that the "Delegate Task" link is not supported or available in a Flexi-task form which is Responsive. neither when you select "Allow Delegation" checkbox, or when you are a Site Owner.

I have found this thread but unfortunately, I just designed a very very big workflow! and now I need to allow delegation on all flexi-tasks, and doing steps in that article for each task form is a real pain.

anyone knows how to fix this responsive task form issue, or even help me to have some kind of label snippet with the delegation link? snippet would be good enough.

THANKS for the time you spent in here , All Dear.

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