Decimal Seperator Issue

Hello everyone

I have a question that has been asked before, but didn't get a definitive answer.
I am referring to this Thread: How we can use separator decimal “.(point)” in Nintex Forms 2013 with SharePoint code language fr-CH... 

My issue is the same, we have a "number" column that we fill with a Textfield from a Nintex form; however, it only accepts input that is seperated with a ",", however a "." returns an error. We are from switzerland as well by the way, kind of strange that this problem seems to pop up here so often

Is there a fix for this at this point?

Thanks in Advance

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Re: Decimal Seperator Issue

can you check what locale you have configured in site settings? is it really one of Swiss locales?

note as well that users can change their locale preferences in their SP profile settings (My Settings) which override site settings.

likely one of these setting is set to something different.

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