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Dealing with Dates from repeating XML in WF

I have a repeating section that records a bunch of fields including a due date field setup up as a date/time field.

Date is entered in a DD/MM/YYYY format on the form. (26/05/2018)

Date is saved in the xml as 05/26/2018. I've read that this is just a thing Nintex does. When I parse this, I can't save this date into a date/time variable. I think it believes that 05/26/2018 is still in dd/mm/yyyy or it's expecting it to be and it's clearly not causing errors. I'm therefore saving it in a string/single line text variable.

I now need to take that information and pop it into another list on the site. I can't take that 05/26/2018 and pop it in as the list is looking for a DD/MM/YYYY date and it is erroring. I tried May 9th and it pops in as September 5 so I know I need to do something. I've tried a couple of date functions, all I've tried work for 05/09/2018 but error for 05/26/2018. I've tried a convert action, same result.

After much grumbling, I decided to tear the string to pieces and put back into the order I want. I ran a quick regex to remove the time and again, it works for 05/09/2018 but not 05/26/2018. "Unable to transform the input lookup data into the requested type". ...it's a string..I'm removing 0s and putting it into the same string. If I do a "run now" and type in the value it works fine so it doesn't like something it's pulling from the variable but I don't see anything extra in it.

Any idea what is going on that's making this information so hard to work with and how to fix?

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Re: Dealing with Dates from repeating XML in WF

have you tried with convert value action and specified input date format?