Customize Nintex Workflow Webparts

We are trying to design a "dashboard" page for our users to view all workflow tasks assigned to them and all workflows they have initiated.

We have some requirements that do not seem to be able to be handled by the current webparts available in Nintex Workflow.  Has anyone had some of these same requirements and how have they handled them?

Grouping task by the workflow that created them.

Filter list by any column

Display only Pending items by default with option to show all tasks

Create a date range filter to filter date created

If Task is assigned to a SharePoint Group I am a member of it should show up in the task list.

Add indicator if task is due today, or past due.

Give Admins the ability to see all tasks

As an alternative to this I am trying to understand the web services available with Nintex and see if any of those might provide all the information and then use current grid technologies to create the dashboard using web service calls.  Any help you could provide with this route would also be helpful.

Jeff Fisher

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Re: Customize Nintex Workflow Webparts

Hi Jeff,

We have received a similar request and I'm wondering if you were successful in creating the dashboard. 


Alisa Smith

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