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Customer satisfaction survey using Nintex

I am creating a customer satisfaction survey tool to collect responses from Project stakeholders using Nintex. I have 2 lists:

- survey collector, where the name of the Project and names of survey respondents are specified, who will then get an email with a link to the actual customer satisfaction survey form

- customer satisfaction survey, where the responses provided by the respondents are captured.


The email received by the respondents has a link to the customer satisfaction survey form in Nintex. The customer satisfaction survey form has a drop-down that contains the names of all the Projects that have been entered into the Survey collector list, and this means that respondents will see all the Projects and not just the one they need to provide responses for.


I will like to restrict the drop-down to display just the Project Name for which responses are required or if possible, have the Project name pre-populated when the form is opened.


Please, how do I achieve this?


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